Chemical Manufacturing Software

Chemical manufacturing software must solve the challenges of evolving regulations, cost fluctuation and expiration dates. Staying profitable while maintaining quality is a balancing act, especially when variables are constantly changing.

The greater the control over individual workflows – from inventory quantities and costs to tracking every workflow action – the more accurate your data, costs, and precise your decisions based on company productivity.

When businesses make changes to lower costs and profitability, those changes should never lead to negative outcomes in quality and customer satisfaction. Gaining greater insights into your inventory’s journey will shed light on areas for improvement and highlight where modifications have been successful. SOS Inventory equips your business with the knowledge it needs to act on changes in the market, fluctuating lead times and cost variations. Having a firm grasp on your numbers will ultimately offer greater control over the entire business operation.

Some of the biggest risks commonly associated with supply chain management issues include:

Sacrifice of Quality: Poor handling can lead to inconsistencies in the quality of raw materials and finished products. This can result in costly recalls, loss of customer trust, and damage to brand reputation.

Compliance issues: Due to the wide range of regulations, from environmental to safety standards, less than stellar tracking will make it difficult to ensure compliance, resulting in fines, legal actions, and reputational damage.

Supply chain disruptions: Supply chain disruptions due to natural disasters, transportation issues, labor disputes, or other unforeseen events can result in delays, increased costs, and lost revenue. Poor supply chain management can make it more difficult to respond to these disruptions quickly and effectively.

Increased costs: Poor supply chain management can result in inefficiencies, excess inventory, and higher transportation costs. This can impact the bottom line and reduce profitability.

Lack of visibility: Poor supply chain management can make it difficult to track and manage inventory levels, delivery times, and supplier performance. This lack of visibility can make it difficult to make informed decisions and improve supply chain performance.

What are the important features chemical ERP software should provide?

chemical manufacturing softwareSOS Inventory offers a broad range of features that are coveted ERP for chemical manufacturing capabilities:

  • Create builds from multiple BOMs
  • Update inventory and costs as product is used for a build
  • Lot tracking
  • Serial number tracking
  • Create templates for builds for consistent production and quality
  • Use decimals in units of measure for formulas
  • End-to-end tracking from supplier to production to distributor or wholesaler, plus returns
  • Keep accurate records for bookkeeping and reporting purposes
  • Choose from FIFO, LIFO or average weighted accounting methods
  • Reduce human error with barcode tracking
  • Maintain accurate data company-wide using a single database for all workflow actions

If you’re in the business of agricultural products, distribution, or manufacture of chemicals of any kind, SOS Inventory can be an invaluable tool for your company. Not only does SOS Inventory deliver everything you’re seeking in a chemical manufacturing software, its features extend to sales, finance, order management, and fulfillment so your entire business can access the same information, no matter the department or location.

Enter new goods from receipt transactions to update inventory costs and quantities available to all areas of production while keeping your finance department in the loop using our bidirectional integration with QuickBooks Online.

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