Inventory Management Courses

SOS Inventory’s inventory management courses are designed to train SOS customers to setup and use their accounts. Learning how to manage your company or client’s inventory with SOS Inventory can help you to reduce labor costs by streamlining repetitive processes.

Our inventory management training courses are available for free to all customers who have placed a credit card on file. Your card will not be charged during your two-week, free trial period and you may cancel at any time with no cancellation fees.

Inventory Management Classes

SOS Inventory management training will begin with a new customer orientation and then take you through setup and how to use specific features in your account. Every class is a live, online class offering the opportunity to ask questions throughout the session. You may attend alone or invite a client or co-workers to attend with you. In addition to our inventory courses, you may also refer to inventory videos for assistance.

Our curriculum includes the following inventory management courses:

inventory management courses

  • New Customer Orientation: This class is appropriate for new customers using any plan level and will cover an overview of the principal areas of the software, how to get help, task bar, operations menu, reporting, and workflows.
  • Setting Up SOS Inventory: If you will be designating one person as the administrator of the account, that person should take responsibility for account setup. This course will cover how to get started, pitfalls and hurdles, setting up users, QuickBooks Online settings, account configuration, inventory, purchasing, sales plus additional functionality.
  • Importing Your Data: Learn how to import your data, including bulk editing with rules, items, customers, vendors, BOMS, price tiers, sales orders, and sales receipts.
  • Serialized Inventory: Serial inventory tracking is available to plus and pro users. This inventory training course covers how to add a new serial item, the serial item list, adjusting serial items, receiving serial inventory, auto serial settings, and warranties.
  • Lot Inventory: This class is for both Plus and Pro users. Learn how to add a new lot item, create a lot item list, adjust lot items, receive lot inventory, auto lot settings, expirations and recalls.
  • Units of Measure: This inventory training class is a half-hour long class for Plus and Pro users. How to enable units of measure, defining units of measure, applying them to items (base and conversions), using them in transactions and changing the base UOM.
  • Sales Workflow: This class is for users of all levels. Learn standard workflow beginning with the sales order and ending with the invoice, starting with an invoice, starting with an estimate, sales receipts for in person orders, affect transactions have on inventory, applied to links, returns and RMAs.
  • Form Templates: A class for all users, this hour-long presentation features how to use the form template list, editing a form template (rules and merge fields), and using a form template.
  • Custom Fields: Learn how to define a custom field (naming, field types, used on), use custom fields on pages and lists, how to attach to form templates, and sharing custom fields with QuickBooks Online
  • Advanced Manufacturing: Designed for Pro users only, this hour-long class will teach you how to process templates, process transactions, set up work centers for Work in Progress (WIP) manufacturing, use work centers in builds and process transactions, work orders to schedule manufacturing, labor items and workers and contract manufacturing.
  • Troubleshooting Sync Errors: For all SOS Inventory users, this class will cover how to preview sync list, sync errors list, sync column in transaction lists, bills list, common errors and how to fix them.
  • Reconciliation Process: For all SOS Inventory software users, we cover why you should reconcile, the reconciliation process, reconciliation tools, and other factors that can cause mismatches.

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