Purchase Order Software

Having purchase order software features built into your inventory management system offers a simple way to integrate and automate a vital component of inventory control.

Your purchase orders initiate the process of buying raw materials from your vendors according to a predetermined agreement regarding pricing, volumes, and lead time. They will define payment terms, delivery, etc. In SOS Inventory software, they will synchronize with your QuickBooks Online account as non-posting transactions.

Generating a purchase order is a redundant action that can easily be streamlined with SOS Inventory, saving your team time, and ensuring greater accuracy in inventory quantities and costs.

A purchase order can be triggered by a sales order or manually created to suit the needs of your business. You may generate purchase orders when products reach reorder points. SOS Inventory let you recalculate your reorder points automatically on a weekly basis based on historical data to determine the optimal quantity to reorder to meet demand.

You can also use blanket orders to place orders for items at an agreed price, no matter the quantity ordered.

You can generate a pdf based on a template of your choosing and send to any emails in your address list. If you wish to enable approvals prior to sending out purchase orders, you may do so from the settings menu. Users who have been designated the proper permissions to give approvals will be the only individuals able to do so.

When you mark items as received, the purchase order will close and generate a customer invoice from the details indicated on the purchase order. Purchase order inventory management software features are built in to the SOS Inventory software platform.

Purchase Ordering Systems

purchase order softwareHow do SOS Inventory’s purchase order features simplify workflows and tracking for your team?

  1. Create automated workflows to suit your preferences. Do you want purchase orders sent to an individual on your team for approval prior to going out to the vendor? You can set up your account preferences to ensure all purchase orders get approval prior to submission.
  2. Do you want your purchase orders generated when inventory items reach reorder points? Choosing this option will keep the flow of inventory consistent with demand.
  3. Customize the header, footer, weight, description, terms, and many other details related to your order in your purchase order template.
  4. Upon receipt of goods, details from purchase order can generate invoices.
  5. Generate detailed reports for analysis and decision-making including overview purchasing reports; open purchase order details; purchase by category, class, department, item, location, or vendor; reorder report; vendor report and where to buy.

SOS Inventory’s purchase order software features make inventory acquisition easy, quick, and seamless saving your team time and your business money. Track every item and its costs and integrate this vital information transparently into your inventory management strategy using SOS’s suite of exceptional inventory control tools.

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