Inventory Management Tool

Managing inventory efficiently tends to require more than talented staff; it also demands an inventory management tool to save time, track all inventory types, and make the job easier.

Accuracy and growth potential are only feasible with a software inventory management tool like SOS Inventory designed to track inventory all along its journey using a wide range of features suitable for all types of manufacturing, wholesale, and distribution industries.

Inventory management touches all areas of your business from vendor to production to sales, fulfillment, and accounting. For all your departments to work with the most accurate data, they must all have access to the same information, shared by a single, central database.

What are the vital inventory management tools that can transform your business?

inventory management tool

  1. Serial Number Tracking:

Although not vital for every industry, tracking a product after the sale is important when the manufacturer offers a warrantee and/or repair services. A unique identification number must tie an individual product to its owner to store information about the sale and the terms of the agreement. Expensive products often require serial numbers to record the sale amount, sale location, customer information and length of the warrantee. Businesses such as the automobile industry, computer, bicycles, and large appliances are good examples of products tracked with serial numbers. SOS Inventory makes serial number tracking easy, allowing an individual product to be monitored all throughout its life cycle.

  1. Lot Tracking and Traceability:

Any industry handling goods that expire must keep track of expiration dates to ensure only fresh product is passed on to the consumer. Lot tracking groups of goods with the same expiration date allows your business to monitor the movement of products throughout their journey, forward and backward from any point. In the event you were to receive news that a particular ingredient was spoiled, quick location becomes an essential control to mitigate harm and limit your company’s exposure. Many of our customers choose our software explicitly for our valuable lot tracking and traceability features to ensure they can comply with industry standards and maintain product quality.

  1. Perpetual Inventory System:

One of the greatest advantages of tracking inventory with software is the ability to update data across your business simultaneously. If your aim is to implement a perpetual inventory system so your numbers match at every location once a new item is scanned in at receiving or sold on an online platform, SOS Inventory can achieve this for you and ensure the integrity of your data across the board.

  1. Barcode Management:

If you are switching from a manual entry system to software, one of your main goals is to reduce human error. Mismatched numbers often pop up when reconciling your ledger with your physical inventory. Those mistakes are more common when inventory data is input manually. It’s easy to transpose numbers or omit a digit. When you can scan a barcode to import all goods information into your system, your inventory quantities and costs will match from one department to another, not to mention save your company the time it takes to enter the information manually.

While SOS Inventory offers many valuable inventory management tools, the most important benefit of working with our software is having complete end-to-end control over your entire business with the ability to gain deep insights into product performance from any perspective. Acquiring a new software is a big decision for many companies, but SOS Inventory offers both an easier transition and a lower price point compared to similar inventory software programs. Why not get started today to discover how a great inventory tool can transform your business?

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