Become familiar with how this icon’s capabilities can be used on transaction and job forms.

What you’ll learn in Using the Multi-tool

• Recognize the Multi-tool icon and discover its three functions
• Understand how the Multi-tool features work on transaction and job forms

Video Transcript

The SOS Inventory Multi-tool is a convenient feature found on transaction and job forms. This video will introduce the various Multi-tool functions and demonstrate how they are used on a form.

The Insert tool allows you to insert a blank line by clicking the blue triangle in the top left corner. The new line will be placed above the triangle. The Move tool, the three bars in the center of the icon, enables you to move an item—and thereby change the order or sequence of items. And the Copy tool, the down arrow in the lower right corner, duplicates a line of data and pastes it into the line below.

Although the Multi-tool has three different capabilities, the features available on a specific form vary according to form type. Now let’s see how the Multi-tool features work together when used on a form.

On forms that use the Multi-tool, its icon will always be seen in the first column of a line item block or table. In this demonstration, I will use a sales transaction to show how all three of the Multi-Tool functions work. First, I want to copy the Perfume Sampler Kit and paste that information into a new line. However, if I just use the Copy tool–which is the down arrow below the Perfume Sampler line–it will overwrite the data in the next line, which is the Austrian Mantel Clock. I don’t want that to happen, so I first need to use the Insert tool to create a blank line between the Perfume Sampler and the Austrian Mantel Clock. Once I have that blank line, I can then copy the sampler kit. The system copies and pastes the information into the blank line automatically.

Now let’s say that I want to move the Watch item that is listed in line 4 to line 2. I can do this by using the Move tool. When I hover over the three bars, a white arrow cross appears. I click, hold, and drag the Watch line item to move it where I want it to be, and then release. The Watch is now in line 2. But the system has also reordered all the line items so that they remain in sequential order.

Now you know how to use the SOS Inventory Multi-Tool. Thank you for watching this presentation!

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