Item Creation Methods

Item creation methods

Discover the different ways of adding new items to your inventory, one of the most-used actions in SOS Inventory.

What you’ll learn in Item creation methods

  • Understand how to add a new item from the Add Menu, Items list, and from within a transaction
  • Know how to locate and make changes to an item after it has been added to the system


Video Transcript

Creating a new item is one of the most common activities performed in SOS Inventory. In this video, we will demonstrate the different methods you can use to add a new item, as well as explain how to locate and make changes to items after they have been added to the system.

Methods for adding items

SOS Inventory offers three different ways to add an item.

The first is via the Task Bar’s Add Menu. Go to the “+” icon and select Item under the Inventory section. The second method is via the Items list. Under the Operations Menu, select Inventory and then Items to pull up the Items list. Then press the Add New button. With either of these two methods, the system will take you to a blank Item edit page. Complete the data fields, then Save and Close when finished. Please see our video series Defining an Item for information on completing data fields on an Item edit page.

The inline method is the third means of creating an item. This method allows you to add a new item on any transaction edit page.

On your transaction, simply type the name for your item in the Item column of the line-item area, then select Add New Item from the dropdown menu. When the Add New Item pop-up window appears, select Add. Then manually enter the appropriate data needed in the other line-item columns. When you save the transaction, SOS Inventory will add the new item to the system and import into the item record the pricing, discount, and other information that you specified on the transaction.

If you use the inline method, please note that the data included in the new item record will be limited only to the information you entered on the transaction. After you save the transaction, you should edit the item record and add or edit the rest of the data needed.

Editing an existing item

To make changes to an existing item record, locate it by using either the Global Search feature on the Task Bar or the Quick Search on the Items list. After finding the item record, select Edit on its Actions Menu to open the item’s edit page, make the desired changes, and then select Save and Close.

This concludes Item creation methods. Thank you for watching this presentation!

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