Adding Files and Documents

Attach images and documentation to items, transactions, and other data records in SOS Inventory.

What you’ll learn in Adding Files & Documents

  • Upload files and link them to associated data records
  • Locate existing files and the data records to which they are linked, and vice versa

Video Transcript

Welcome to our video tutorial, Adding Files and Documents. In this presentation, you will learn how to add a file of an image or other document and link it to a transaction, item, or other data record in SOS Inventory. You will also be shown how to locate within the system existing linked files and their associated data records.

To add a new file, go to the Company Menu and select Files & Documents, which takes you to the Attached Files and Documents list. Then select Add New.

I’ve partially populated the fields for this document in advance. The file that I am adding is an image that will be attached to an item called Flour. I’ve already entered a description of the image and selected Share so that the image can be accessed by other users. Now I am going to select the file that I want to upload.

The Linked To table is used to indicate the data records that I want to associate with the image I am uploading. In the Type dropdown, I selected the kind of record that I want the file to be associated with, which in this case is an item. Then from the Selection dropdown, I chose the specific item to which the file should be linked. Now that I am finished, I will Save and Close.

The image that I attached, Flour.jpg, has now been added to the Attached Files and Documents list. Under the Linked To column, I see that the image has been associated with the item Flour.

I can also see the linkage from the Items list. In the Flour item’s Documents column, I see the Flour.jpg and its description in parentheses.

This concludes our tutorial on Adding Files and Documents. Thank you for watching this presentation!


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