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This year’s unprecedented battle against a new pathogen has increased the importance of comprehensive vaccine inventory software. It has also led to the rapid development of anti-viral vaccines to be made available throughout the nation at no cost to the recipient. Timely distribution and accurate tracking of vaccines are fundamental to controlling future outbreaks and protecting our most vulnerable citizens. Physicians, medical facilities, and hospitals need to log vaccine receipt, handling, and administration to patients, following stringent government regulations.

Prior to the recent pandemic, we had become accustomed to getting vaccinated at different times of our lives – throughout childhood years to meet school requirements or to prevent influenza infection or even as a precaution to travel abroad. Vaccines require greater care, storage, and delivery than other treatment types and must be carefully monitored to ensure quality.

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SOS Inventory offers comprehensive vaccine inventory management software to certify proper tracking of vaccine batches from delivery by the supplier, through distribution and beyond.

  • Log every vaccine from the time of supplier delivery by scanning barcodes, including description, delivery date, expiration date and instructions for proper care.

  • Lot tracking functionality allows managers to track and trace product forward and backwards to see product history and destination.

  • Manage proper handling and storage of vaccines according to supplier instructions.

  • Monitor vaccine stock quantities, set automatic reorder points, and generate purchase orders from sales order actions.

  • Update physical inventory with any mobile-friendly device to synchronize real-time inventory data across the SOS Inventory platform.

  • Relay all vaccine and overhead costs to the finance department for proper billing and record keeping.

  • Quickly generate up to 50 different report types for quick analysis or to provide information required by regulations.

  • Manually or automatically generated purchase orders prevent stock shortages.

  • Seamless integration with QuickBooks, the world’s most successful financial management system.

Once perishable vaccines leave the manufacturer’s care, proper handling, and refrigerated storage is usual to safeguard the efficacy of the vaccine. Management of the cold chain prior to patient distribution and payment can all be centralized with SOS Inventory software.

Proper inventory management of vaccines demands lot tracking to ensure vaccine distribution prior to expiration. Keeping track of vaccine recipients or when they may be due for additional vaccines is not possible when managing inventory on spreadsheets.

Medical practices often lose money by miscalculating the reimbursement from medical insurance. By monitoring acquisition costs and calculating the correct amount to collect from the patient, the practice can maintain the small margin made from vaccine administration.  Profitability can also rely on the ability to negotiate discounts from the vaccine manufacturer, often for prompt payment for goods received. Vaccine prices increase each year and insurance companies often lag many months with the increase in reimbursement. SOS Inventory can keep track of all costs to provide accurate reporting to the billing department.

Our recent experience has shown us that vaccine demand is certain to increase as we continue to battle Covid-19 and face the reality that other unknown pathogens may confront us in the future. Preparing your facility for better vaccine inventory management with easy-to-use and easy-to-implement SOS Inventory software is a step towards better control and higher profitability


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