May 24, 2019 | SOS Inventory

Rave: Shipstation

rave shipstation integration

We get asked about Shipstation a lot on our demos. What is it? Why have you chosen the company to integrate with SOS Inventory?

Let us just start with the fact that Shipstation is a lifesaver for someone who has a business that does a lot of shipping. Shipping can be one of the biggest pains in running a business- so here’s a few reasons why we LOVE Shipstation and are positive it will lessen the shipping headache:

First things first, it’s a one-stop-shop and a central hub for keeping all of your box sizes and weights recorded and choosing the best carrier for a particular package. So let’s say you always ship one of your products with UPS because it’s the best rate for that particular item, but another product is small enough you can toss it in a USPS flat rate every time. In Shipstation, you will be able to bounce back and forth between carriers and get all of your labels printed efficiently. Are you unsure of what is the cheapest option on a certain box? Compare your rates across multiple shipping companies to save money and time right within Shipstation.

The software has a TON of integration options that will allow you to bring in orders from all of your sales channels. Our personal integration with Shipstation allows you to have shipments created in SOS synced to ShipStation for further processing with a carrier of choice. In the ShipStation app, you would click the option to Update Stores and that starts the retrieval of shipments from SOS. Once a shipment is processed through a carrier and the label is created, you simply Update Stores again and that will send the tracking information back to SOS and update the shipment transaction.

Since Shipstation has such a large volume of shipments, they can frequently get discounted rates. Bonus.

The company even has a self-service tracking portal. Customers can follow every package with geo-tracking. That means you can avoid sending customers to non-branded carrier tracking sites, eliminate those “Where’s my package?” calls from customers, and increase overall customer satisfaction.

We are proud to have Shipstation as a partner. We wouldn’t endorse a company we don’t respect and believe in and just wanted to get a little info out there to help small business owners.

Happy Shipping,

The Team at SOS Inventory

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