February 25, 2021 |

The Top Supply Chain Secrets You Need to Succeed

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What should supply chains look like in 2021?

The shorter your supply chain the better
● Lower your risk with fewer moving parts and be cautious of contract manufacturers
● Sustainability is a huge factor for your customers
● Shorter local supply chains are better than longer remote supply chains

Looking back at supply chains systems before the pandemic

Supply chain management pre-pandemic
● Primary focus: Driving costs down to remain competitive
● Offshore sourcing looked very attractive
● All was well until… COVID-19

The current state of affairs: Supply chains post-pandemic

Supply chain management post-pandemic
● The push now is for shorter, less risky, more local supply chains
● It might cost a few dollars more, but it’s worth absorbing to ensure you have a viable business
● The impact can readily be seen in the resurgence in US manufacturing and reshoring

How should small and mid-sized businesses approach supply chain management?

Supply chains tips for small and mid-sized businesses
● Build a supply chain that’s as adaptive and agile as possible
● Take a collaborative approach when working with your suppliers

What role does technology play in strengthening your supply chain?

Strong supply chains are powered by the right tech
● Spreadsheets and point solutions aren’t enough as the data they contain is static
● Real time updates, data synchronization, and integrated systems are crucial for strong supply chain visibility
● Empower your team with mobile solutions to increase productivity and decision-making quality
● The potential of workflow automation is pretty much unlimited — start small and work your way up

What should I look for in tech that supports my supply chain?

How to find tech that strengthens your supply chain
● An ERP probably isn’t the best option for small and mid-sized businesses
● Go for best-in-breed solutions that are designed for smaller companies
● Ask for case studies and talk to the businesses who have had success with the solutions you’re evaluating
● Cloud solutions are must in 2021 and beyond

What’s next for supply chain best practices?

Supply chain trends to have on your radar
● Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the “new oil”
● The end of closed loop supply chain management systems
● More supply chain visibility from the customer perspective

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