November 04, 2020 |

Manufacturing Workflow

SOS Inventory teamed up with Method: CRM to present a webinar on manufacturing workflow with tips to boost productivity. If you missed the live presentation, you can tune in to the video below.

How manufacturers can increase productivity:

• Empower your team with instant access to the information they need
• Look for cloud solutions that support mobile workflows
• Provide the functionality to accommodate multiple manufacturing methods

Foolproofing your manufacturing process:

• Anticipate things going “wrong” and create contingency plans
• Implement checks and balances throughout your supply chain
• Use workflow automation to minimize the risk of human error
• Aim to be able to see in real time what your stock levels are
• Look for extensive reporting capabilities

Supply chain management best practices:

• Practice value-focused supplier relationship management
• Shop around and look for suppliers with experience in your niche
• Focus on quality over price from your suppliers
• Establish a clear line of communication with your suppliers

How to improve inventory management:

• Set up remote access and control of warehouse inventory
• Look for tools that provide inventory analytics and insights
• Strive for full traceability from a product’s entry into the warehouse to its delivery to your customer

Make the most of order fulfillment:

• Use workflow automation to cut down on labor costs
• Know your reorder points and don’t delay on actioning them
• Start small with your automation efforts, planning out your order processing rules in advance

Automating your manufacturing workflows:

• Workflow automation is a must in today’s economy
• Manufacturers must do more — with less
• Look for solutions with flexible workflows you can use to mirror your exact business process

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