July 30, 2018 | SOS Inventory

SOS Testimonial- Nevin M. Sendel, CPA, CMA, VP of Finance, Prevendel Business Solutions

Nevin M. Sendel

Whenever we look to partner with an Application Provider, we focus on whether the App both pushes and pulls data via their integration with QBO; do they integrate with other Apps; are they responsive (even during non-business hours); how is their customer service; do they focus on quality training both for their clients and their ProAdvisor partners; do they promote the use of QuickBooks ProAdvisors to their clients; do they refrain from taking on clients that are not a right fit for their App; and are they able to function properly both in Canada and the US?

SOS passes all of our important ‘must haves’ above, and we have enjoyed working with their team and growing our practice with them over the past five years. Their engineering and development team are always open to improvements and have even set up specific collections points from their users on preferred methods of improving their product. As a CPA with decades of manufacturing experience, I am thrilled to say that SOS “gets it”. This is not a situation where a software developer has created what they believe the industry needs, rather, this is a group who intimately understands manufacturing and has cultivated a cloud software application that embraces all that we need to successfully manage our RM / WIP / FG inventories and to better manage our re-order points and overall material resource planning. My favorite functionality is the multi-level BOM (performing Builds that include other Builds) and being able to do so at Vendor (multiple) locations.

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