February 27, 2019 | SOS Inventory

9 Reasons Moving your Business to the Cloud Should Be on your Radar for 2019

move business to the cloud

Technology gives us the freedom of accessibility, flexibility, and enhanced collaboration opportunity. Most businesses at this point in time are aware they probably should move over to the cloud because well quite frankly, everybody’s doing it. But here are some reasons why now is the perfect time to think about a transition:

1. Location Independence- Need to make some updates for work after hours? No need to drive to the office to get on your desktop- just jump on your phone or laptop and your cloud-based software. All you need is a web browser and you’re in. This means you can use that software from anywhere. This also give you access to sales staff who are traveling and remote or contract-based employees. More and more companies will be able to give their employees the option of working remotely, which leads to a better work-life balance.

2. Cost- Isn’t this the best part? Cloud computing cuts out the high cost of hardware. The beauty of subscription-based models is you pay monthly and can even have the flexibility to upgrade, downgrade, or cancel at any time. These companies utilize their server hardware much more effectively than you would be able to in your own data center. It also uses less electricity. If you were to run your own data center, your servers won’t be fully utilized and idle servers waste energy. Add those bonuses into cutting out upfront costs too. Cloud software is much more price effective.

3. Collaboration- Having your team be able to share information virtually in real-time is the present and future of the workplace. This reduces project time and can improve a lot of different things- like customer service and developing products. Not to mention, this will help your business stay organized together. With all of your relevant documents in a central location, accessing the most up-to-date version is a lot easier. Delegating tasks and brainstorming becomes convenient.

4. Automatic Updates- Cloud based software companies are working day and night to keep improving their product. Once the improvements have been made, they are instantly apart of the software. The updates allow software to stay at the leading edge. These companies are listening to what their customers are needing and wanting. They are updating constantly. Consumers will more readily have their voices heard and the software more customizable to their needs.

5. Integrations- A lot of cloud software can integrate with eachother! If you select apps that work with eachother, it can streamline your business processes tremendously. As time goes on, the amount of integrations will grow exponentially for most cloud software.

6. Scalability- Upgrade, downgrade, cancel at the touch of a button? This can become extremely helpful if your business has increasing needs during a certain time of year. Instead of purchasing and installing expensive upgrades yourself, your cloud service provider can do this for you- and it can happen with the click of a button.

7. Avoiding Mishaps with Desktop Software- Let’s say you spilled water on your desktop that had the software for your business on it. That could be absolutely detrimental. Being able to access your information online will save you the headache of something potentially disastrous happening.

8. Do More with your Data- Data in this digital age is money. Many cloud-based solutions offer analytics of your data. There are options for customized reporting to analyze information which can help you make important business decisions.

9. User Servers other than your Own- file storage and data backup take a lot of space. You can free up your in house equipment and save energy and money by using your software’s servers.

Let’s face it- life is easier in the cloud. Businesses are running smoother and more effectively than ever. Is 2019 the year for your business?

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