March 16, 2020 | Neal Shaw

Coronavirus Update

message from our ceo

To the SOS Inventory community:

I wanted to update you directly on SOS Inventory and the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak.

Our internal operations at SOS are not impacted in any significant way. Over 90% of our employees work remotely on a regular basis, so we’ll be able to continue the same high levels of support and service as normal. Bottom line … don’t worry about us. We’re prepared for this. Let’s talk about what we are doing to help you.

For our existing customers, we want to help you weather the storm. Effective immediately, you may add as many users as you want, and until April 30, we’ll only charge you for the number that you had last night (March 15). This allows you to add users at no charge to cover people out sick or unable to work for whatever reason as you work through this difficult time.

Also, if you are in any way helping with the response to the coronavirus outbreak (e.g., your business is related to test kits, face masks, or a whole bunch of other stuff that the world needs right now), reach out to us at so that we can make special arrangements for you.

Finally, from me to you, please take any and all steps to ensure the well-being of your families, businesses, employees, and co-workers. If we can help with anything, reach out to us.

Best wishes,

Neal Shaw
Saddle Oak Software (SOS Inventory)

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